Detailed overview of electrolyzer


 in fact, these are no longer the healthiest ways to drink water. In order to pursue more extreme drinking water quality, many families have begun to install water ionizers. Some people may be unfamiliar with water ionizers, or at most seem to have heard of something at a certain moment. So when did the water ionizer start to be used? How did the water ionizer come from? Why is electrolyzed water a better drinking water for daily life? With these questions in mind, let me introduce the water electrolyzer.

[Origin of water ionizer]

In the early years, scientists from various countries conducted in-depth research on the holy spring water of Lourdes in France, the natural water of Nordina in Germany, the well water of Torakote in Mexico, the well water of Nadana in India, Bama in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China, Uyghur in Xinjiang and other places. The "miracle water" found for people to drink in these world-famous "longevity villages" all have the following characteristics:

1. The water is rich in "active hydrogen", which is the best antioxidant water

2. Stronger dissolving power, easy to absorb and wick away perspiration.

3. It is weakly alkaline, pure and clear without impurities. It is also rich in a variety of minerals, which can effectively remove hydroxyl free radicals in the body. The "miracle water" has these characteristics, which makes people who drink for a long time healthy and refreshing. Old people are not surprising.

In order to understand the mystery of the "miracle water", so that all mankind can share this magic, so that everyone can drink pure, healthy water without leaving home. After in-depth research and continuous innovation by scholars and research institutes from many countries, the water ionizer finally came into being.

After authoritative verification, the water produced by the electrolysis water mechanism completely meets the standards of "Miracle Water". At the same time, according to the good water standards announced by the World Health Organization, electrolyzed water is more suitable for drinking water required by the human body.

【Principle of Water Ionizer】

Since calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other minerals in the water are mostly concentrated on the cathode, hydroxide ions (OH-) increase and become weakly alkaline. The scientific name is "electrolyzed water", and Japan is called "alkaline ionized water". ; Oxygen, sulfuric acid, sulfur, etc. are caused to the anode.

The water electrolysis machine uses municipal tap water as the water source, filters the water through a pre-filter, and then the purified water enters the electrolytic cell, uses the separation membrane as the medium to apply a DC voltage to the water, and uses the electrolytic plate to decompose the water. An electrical appliance that separates weakly alkaline water and weakly acidic water. Oxygen, sulfuric acid, sulfur, etc. are caused to anode, suitable for drinking and health care. Adding hydrogen ions (H+) to generate weakly acidic water, also called oxidized water, is suitable for cleaning, disinfection, and beauty.

[Characteristics of electrolyzed water]

1. Safe and reliable: Kangen water is directly electrolyzed from the national tap water pipe network without adding any substances and without any hidden dangers.

2. Anti-oxidation: negative potential, rich in active hydrogen, which can eliminate excess free radicals in the body.

3. Fast metabolism: strong dissolving power, easy to absorb and excrete.

4. Weakly alkaline: in line with the body's weakly alkaline internal environment

[Drinking method]

1. Alkaline electrolyzed water promotes raw drinking

2. Promote fresh-made and ready-to-drink, storage at room temperature should not exceed 8 hours

3. Dosage: preferably not less than 2 liters per day

4. Promote slow drinking. If you need to store it, it should be sealed, protected from light, and stored at low temperature, such as in the refrigerator.

5. It is recommended to use clean water to take western medicine and adjust milk.

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